Time For a Change and a New Direction

Good afternoon from a very wet and windy England.

If you’re observant you will notice that this website has changed names, and there’s a reason why.

When I was travelling on my motorbike the blog was fine to talk about myself and share the stories from the road but, I’ve been back a while now and have not been very inspired to keep sharing posts all about me. Calling it by my name just felt very self absorbed and I didn’t feel comfortable keep talking about my day to day goings on. So I’ve made a change and I’m really excited for it.

The climbing/overland/adventure community has brought me a lot of joy over the years and I’ve met some great people through it. Those same people have helped me and this is my chance to give back.

The direction now is going to be more focused on this community, more focused on people like yourself reading this post. I want to dive deeper into the nitty gritty of others rather than keep talking about myself.

Everyday I see on my social media, people out there doing fantastic things and I want to share and get involved more with that. Start giving people like you a chance to share your journeys through this community.

I have no idea how this will turn out but I know I have to make a change. Before it just wasn’t working anymore and I didn’t want to plug away at something that didn’t excite me. This new idea does and I’m really excited to see where it goes.

I really like the name ‘Rock n Road’. It’s two of my biggest passions. Climbing and overland travel. I’ve spent many years enjoying trips all over the planet and will carry on doing so for as long as possible.

I will keep sharing my trips with you but I’m now on the hunt for more content from others. Perhaps you have a story you’d love to share or know somebody that does. If so, get in touch with me through this site or my social media channels and we’ll go from there.

Below are my social media links for this website. Instagram is whole new channel and I’d really appreciate a follow on that to give a kick start. You can still follow my personal trips on my usual outlets.

Until next time, enjoy. You WILL hear from me very soon with some exciting posts.



End Notes

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I really hope you stick around. It will get better as I start to find my feet with this new direction. Any comments then please do post them below, always happy to hear your feedback. Please do stick your email address in the box below to receive an occasional email update. I promise no spam. Cheers.