Steph Jeavons - Round the World Motorcyclist and Her Dog to Walk the National 3 Peaks Challenge

Before we get started on this let me shed a little light on Steph Jeavons. Born in Canada and raised in North Wales, she’s no stranger to the outdoor living. Working as a motorbike tour guide she decided to take on a big trip of her own.

March 2014 Steph packed up her things and set off into the sunset to return four years later. This became a record breaking trip and she nabbed the title of first Brit to ride a motorbike on all 7 continents but, more importantly, she is also the first person to sing karaoke on all 7 continents. Now that’s a cool thing to say to your mates down the pub.

Returning March 2018 she now splits her time between running trail riding days in Wales, motorbike and car tours in India, public speaking and writing a book about her trip around the world on two wheels.

Ok, here it is. June 14 this year Steph will start the ‘3 peaks challenge’, but rather than driving between the mountains she will walk the entire way with her dog Chui for company. 1000 kilometres in total!

Why is Steph doing this? Many reasons she said. Steph wants a challenge that doesn’t involve motorbikes for a change. To see more of her own country after spending 4 years exploring others. Steph also wants to spend time with her dog having been away all that time. They will also be raising money and awareness for some great causes.


The 3 peaks challenge is quite a popular challenge here in the UK. 24 hours to climb the 3 highest mountains in the UK. Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell in England and Mt Snowdon in North Wales. Usually you would drive between the different peaks and possibly have some sort of support team. Not Steph, with Chui as company the whole route will be on foot. Wild camping mostly at the end of the day where ever their feet take them.


The start line for this challenge will be at the base of Ben Nevis in Scotland, the UK’s highest mountain. Steph has set herself a target of 35 days to complete this 1000 km challenge. This averages out at 17 miles a day with no rest days. Training has been in full swing these past few months for the pair of them. Chui even has his own backpack to take on the trek and will be carrying around 2 kilos of the load with Steph taking the rest. A proper adventure dog and these two make a great pair out on the trails.


During the 1000 kms the pair of them will experience many of Britains best walks and peaks including Ben Nevis, The West Highland Way, part of the Pennine Way, Hadrians Wall, Scafell Pike, The Coastal Path, The Carneddau mountain range, and of course Snowdon. Some of it will be straight forward with lovely long flat sections like the tow path between Preston and Liverpool. Other bits will be a lot tougher on their legs with the route taking on many peaks, including the three highest in England, Scotland and Wales.

I’ve mentioned already that Steph will be raising money for charity. The charities Steph has chosen are:

Service Dogs UK. Service Dogs UK trains and provides assistance dogs to support members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services who have PTSD. They use dogs from rescue centres to achieve unique partnerships that will greatly enhance the lives of both. They continue to support the partnerships as part of their ongoing commitment to ‘those that serve’, past or present

Support Dogs UK. They are a charity that provide, train and support specialist assistance dog partnerships to increase the independence and quality of life for those affected by autism, epilepsy and physical disability

There are many people in the UK with mental health issues and disabilities who can benefit from dogs in their lives. These charities also mainly use dogs that are rescued and in desperate need of a new life.
— Steph

If you would like to follow the trip you can check out her social media on Facebook and Instagram where she’ll be posting as much as possible. Steph also has an interactive map that shows route information which you can follow along with too.

All donations would be gratefully received. Also anyone who lives on the route and wants to offer a hot shower or a slice of cake, Steph and Chui would not turn it down!

Please donate to Steph and Chui’s Cause

Please donate to Steph and Chui’s Cause


End Notes

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I encourage you to jump on board with this trip and donate a few quid if you can to a great cause. I’m very excited to be following this journey and will for sure be making a trip out at some point to hopefully bring them bacon sandwiches and cake! If you’ve not already please do leave your email address in the box below for a very occasional newsletter and I’d really appreciate if you could share this blog amongst your friends. Cheers.