Review - Anker PowerCore 20100

I’ve owned the PowerCore 20100 by Anker for just over a year now and felt it was time to chat about it.

I travel a lot. Whether that be flying out abroad to see my girlfriend, guiding a motorbike tour in the Himalaya or rock climbing in my own country. I always have the want for keeping my phone and cameras charged up.

Nowadays a phone just won’t last a full day of use. When I travel I like to take a lot of pictures on my phone and keep updated with social media and emails from work. All of which eats up that precious power.


This company was recommended to me by a lot of people. It is based in the U.S. and with just a quick search of portable power packs you’ll start to see this brand appearing in your search. They sell various models of different strengths.

I opted for the 20,100 mAh as it was the biggest I could get and still be under the legal limit for air travel. The legal limit is stated at 27,000 mAh but do check your carrier for individual limits. I have travelled on many flights, including to the U.S. and had no problems. Like with any batteries ensure they are in your hand luggage and not your checked luggage.


The weight has been described to that of a can of baked beans. It’s not imposing at all. It can fit nicely in your back pocket or at the bottom of your rucksack for later use. I had no issues with the weight and it feels good to hold with it’s rounded edges and sleek design.


Most modern smart phones will see around 6-7 full charges from this. If you are charging something bigger like a tablet then these figures will change. This power pack will last me a good few days at least of normal use.


The design is nice and I like the simplicity of it. It’s solid and feels well made when you hold it. There is one button on the side to activate the 4 blue LED lights that let you know how much juice is left. At the far end you have two USB outputs and one micro USB for charging. It also comes with a micro USB cable and a soft protective case for it.


Right now these are selling on Amazon for £32.99 or £34.99 if you’d like it in Red, White or Blue. I will be purchasing another one of these very soon for those extended trips to keep my camera charged up.

(Below is a link for this item direct with Amazon. It is an affiliate link. No extra cost to you but I receive a very small bit of commission that goes straight back into running this website)

If you’re after some portable storage then I definitely recommend this. If you need more storage and won’t be flying with it then look at the bigger models. There’s also smaller models which are very affordable if you’re just spending the day out and want some portable power.


End Notes

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