Hello 2019!!!

Good morning/evening to you wherever you may be in the world

September was the last time I wrote on this blog which is really bad for someone who wanted to push this blog a bit more last year. Definitely not the right way to go but, I have been very busy and lots has happened.

Firstly, it’s a new year and I can tell you now that I won’t be publishing a list of all the new things that I want to try. My inbox is full of blogs from others that are hoping to do this. If you have plans for this year then that’s great. My previous years seem to constantly change and a lot of the time I have no idea what’s in store for me, I just hope it’s exciting and fun.

Since September a lot has happened which I WILL be writing about very soon as soon as I stop procrastinating so heavily in my spare time.

A very exciting thing happened to me during this time. I got the opportunity to travel to Nepal and help guide a motorbike tour over there for two weeks. We travelled through a stunning location called the Upper Mustang where very few tourists get the chance to visit due to expensive permits.

This was the best job interview I’ve ever had and I’m pleased to say I got the job. This year in October I’ll be heading back out to guide two tours, back to back, in this stunning region. Can’t wait for that.

I left on another trip to Brazil for a couple of weeks back in November. At the end of my motorbike trip I met a girl from Brazil and since then we’ve been trying to have a long distance relationship. Of course it’s difficult but it has also been a lot of fun and includes lots of great travelling opportunities. Next month she will be visiting England again which I’m really excited about.

Since the age of 18 I’ve always been working here and there with the British Army. In November I spent some time away training and refreshing new skills. Staying out in the Welsh hills with no sleeping system at that time of year was a tad cold but great to refresh some skills in bush craft and earn a little pocket money.

I eat and travel cheap. A lot more work has happened on the van project. I bought a van a while back and have converted it into a motor home where I live when on the road. Van build posts seriously need updating and they are coming real soon. Because of all this, it means that I don’t have to work my arse off to get the bills paid. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make at the moment to live the life I lead.

Future plans at the moment are to seriously work towards guiding. Motorbikes and also expedition guiding. The military has given me a lot of skills over the years that I really want to push into other areas. Currently I’m trying to work through my mountain leader and rock climbing instructor qualifications. My previous training in the army is helping a lot with this and I plan to be in a better position this year. Working as an expedition leader would be an ideal job but it doesn’t happen overnight.

My income at the moment comes from various avenues. I have the army work and I also work self employed for a tree surgery company. Lately I’ve also been doing some work on a wild boar farm doing various jobs. I’ve certainly got the change of scenery. This is not the long term game but it helps to put fuel in the van to get myself to the mountains for more training.

We never truly know where life is going to take us. Most of the time I like this as it keeps me on my toes. At times I do get a little anxious about the future but nothing is certain. I chose to live the life I want a few years back and have never regretted it and still keep pushing forward to achieve my mission. It takes time to build something great and you have to love the journey to get there.

Instant gratification is nice and feels incredible but it’s short lived. You need to work for the end game which means making sacrifices and trying to stay motivated. Keep those positive people in your life close to you and let go of the people that keep trying to pull you down. Live your life and do it with a smile on your face.

Happy New Year to you and I really do hope this year is your best yet. I WILL speak soon so stay tuned for some exciting updates. All the best to you.


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