The Overland Event - Best Motorbike Event in the UK?

Good day to you.

I want to share with you my thoughts on an event I went to recently. About a week and half ago I went to the Overland Event up near Oxford. It’s a weekend event that takes place once a year and is predominantly motorbikes and all things travel/overland.

The organizers approached me a few months ago and asked if I would like to present at the event and share my bike trip. Of course I said yes, and it wasn’t just for the free weekend ticket as payment!

Penny (my bike) got some attention too this weekend in the display tent. I think she was happy about that, the bike has been a bit neglected this year if I’m honest. And it turns out that I can fit the bike in the back of the van which is a great result. I never planned to travel with the motorbike inside as I felt the van and bike trips would be separate journeys.

Through-out the event I gave two presentations. One on the Friday and then again on the Sunday morning. The latter being slightly tough. Saturday night was a heavy but great night of partying. Really did enjoy myself. If you came to one of my presentations I’d love it if you could comment below and let me know what you thought. Feedback will help me out big time for future talks.

I’m not really going to say too much here about it as I produced a video on my YouTube channel talking way more about it. Definitely recommend giving that a watch and please let me know what you think in the comments.

In short the event was brilliant, I liked it a lot! The atmosphere is great, the beer is good and a wealth of knowledge and experience of overland travel being passed on. The organizers over at Overland did a great job and let’s not forget all the volunteers who helped to set up and have everything ready for when we turned up. These things don’t happen on their own and really are appreciated. Thank you!!

I mentioned in the video about a Brit rider named Spencer Conway. He gave a presentation at the event and then left on the Monday for Colombia with his girlfriend to start a new life out there. Out of the 29 countries I travelled through on my bike trip, Colombia was my favourite. (Here’s why) He and Cathy will be setting up a moto style camp for travellers and are welcoming everyone from the community to go visit and see the country. This I definitely recommend. Check out his website for more info here.

I shall leave it there for this blog. Watch the video as I talk more about it. Once again, thanks to everyone involved and thank you to everyone who came to see me talk and/or buy me a beer. Much appreciated. All the best and I’ll speak to you soon.

End Notes

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