First Time Public Speaking - London Bike Show

A couple of months ago I got a message from a guy called Nathan Millward. This guy is quite well known within the adventure motorcycle community. He's got some books and does a lot in promoting the adventure side of biking. One of these is running the adventure stage at MCN London Bike show. The message asked if I would like to come on stage each day and talk about my trip. 


Straight away my heart started to race with excitement. I've never spoke publicly about the bike trip before. I chat all the time on here but that's fairly easy. I don't have to think about what I want to say. Here I would be on stage getting asked questions in front of an audience, but what if nobody turns up! Oh the horrors. 

I thought fuck it and said yes! Go for it and see what happens. If it goes wrong then I know it's not for me. 

I was a little concerned at first when I saw the line up of speakers. How dare I be among these people. I'm not qualified enough surely. Having spoke with others it became apparent that I was clearly asked to come along as I had a story to tell. Sometimes I forget the scale of the trip and what I experienced to get to the finish line. It was a game changing trip for sure and made me a better person. So perhaps I do qualify to be on that stage. 

Bruce Smart 

Bruce Smart 

The show runs from the Friday to the Sunday. If i'm honest I don't get too excited for this show. Sure I like bikes but I'm not crazy for them. It's the travel side of it all and in the past I always hung around the adventure stage anyway. That's the shit that gets my juices flowing. The bike was always a means of getting around. I was bored of your typical back packing, it's far too easy and not challenging enough for me and the bike changed that approach and made travel more exciting. 

The plan was a 30 minute low key chat everyday. A Q and A style presentation. This was great as I didn't have to prep too much. Just a few exciting pictures with some interesting stories. 505 days I spent on the bike trip, definitely got a few stories up my sleeve.


About 15 years of my life has revolved around the military. Throughout this time I have been on various training courses and deployments, all of which required me at some point to speak up in front of crowds. I find myself teaching various lessons so getting up in front of people is nothing new, but this is easy, I'm talking through a structured lesson and the main thing is, I'm not talking about myself!  


Anyway, the weekend was an absolute blast and I am so happy I said yes and got to experience this. I met some incredible people and got to share stories with new and old friends. Penny had a prime spot and was loving the attention too. If you came to the show and hung around to see me speak then thank you very much. It was real nice to share my story with people that wanted to hear. 

I guess the lesson to take from this is just go for it. I am always trying to open new doors and see what opportunities lay ahead. Now I have two more presentations coming up this summer which I am really excited for. It's all about new experiences and keeping the body guessing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. 


End Notes

Six months ago I returned from a solo motorbike trip around the world. I travelled through 29 countries across 4 continents in 505 days. I wrote a series of blog posts throughout this trip. Please do have a look through the blogs and check back as I update with more information. Below is an email sign up box. Would be amazing if you stuck your details in there to receive an occasional update from this blog. Thank you.


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