Van Conversion - The Strip Out

The first thing to come out was the metal racking. This van was owned by an electrical company and was left fully kitted out. It took a good few days to rip out the racking and it was a right pain in the arse. The metal had not only been bolted down but also included a shit load of rivets straight into the metal bed of the van. I used a drill with a metal drill bit to get the rivets out and had a hammer and chisel for the stubborn ones. One good thing about this racking is I managed to sell it for some extra cash to go back into the project.


The wall panels came out next. These were made of a perspex type of material. They won't be going back up as they were too short in height to cover the whole wall and are not the material I want to use. I've not sold these as they will be very handy to use as a template for when I do my own ply walls.


The floor panels were 100mm think ply boards. Perfect for what I wanted. I still took the boards up to expose the metal underneath but I will be using these again for sure. they are perfectly cut to size and will save a lot of time and money. Rivets again were used to attach to the floor which made for a sweaty job ripping these out.


Once everything was out I then went through all the wiring that was in there. There was a lot, which is great for me! I'm not an expert when it comes to electrics but I traced everything and took out all the cables that were not needed to run the vehicle and stored it all for later on in the build. This included a 600w pure sinewave inverter, lots of fuses and fuse boxes. Plug sockets and 12v sockets are in the mix too. I will address all the electrics later on.


Now the van was stripped to the bare metal I could assess any damage. Luckily there wasn't many issues. I do have three big holes in the floor from where they cut vent holes for the gas bottle storage. This can be sorted easily enough, along with the little holes left over from all the rivets and screws.


The walls are perfect, hardly any rust anywhere in the van, it is a 2009 so it's not too old. The roof has one of those spinning black air vents, I think that will go in the future and I'll replace the area with bigger ventilation. For now it's staying put. The back of the van was properly cleaned and ready to take on the next stage.


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