2009 Ford Transit Camper Conversion

The van for this build is a 2009 Ford Transit Panel van. It's a high top, long wheel base. It is the 5 speed model which is not as good as the 6 speed on the motorway but will still sit at 70 so it's not a big problem. Just a little revvy that's all. It came with 90k miles on the clock, full service history, a new MOT and cost me £4600. It was a little more than I wanted to spend but when I looked at it I could picture the build straight away. So I bought her and got to work with the planning. 


The van was owned by an electrical company and came with a load of electrics already in place. Including a really nice 600w inverter, plenty of cabling and other bits like fuses boxes, so I'm very happy about that. Another plus was all the metal racking that was inside. Was a pain to get out but I managed to sell it on eBay for £220 which will go back into the van. The floor boards were in great condition so they can be used again.


I've not worked out exact figures yet for fuel consumption but I think it's in the region of bottom 40's mpg. There's nothing too crazy going on there. It is a big van. I am 187cm tall and can stand up in the back easily before I start any work on the floor and roof. I'm hoping to not lose too much as I want to be able to stand up inside. 


End Notes

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