I'm Going Home, Kinda...

So here it is, the big news of the trip. I am heading in the direction of home now. Why you may be asking. Well, for a few reasons.

Financially I can't sustain this trip much longer. I planned for a year max on the road and it's reached almost seventeen months now. Which is amazing. I have tried to live as cheap as possible, not drinking all the time, eating the local food when I can and cooking in hostels instead of eating out all the time. I still get to do some fun things now and then which require me to spend money but obviously I can't pay out for every tourist attraction that I came across. And a huge thanks goes to all of you that have donated through my buy me beer fund. That has definitely helped out with some of the touristy stuff. So yeah, thank you.

This amount of time is a lot to be away from home. I have traveled extensively through out my life in the army and under my own terms but have always returned to get back to what I love doing. It's a long time to be away from my hobbies. I enjoy my rock climbing and hiking a lot and am desperate to get my climbing shoes back on and start training again.

My family is huge. I have five brothers and three sisters. I don't know how my parents managed it but they did and they brought us up so well. We are a close knit family and I really do miss them all. So much is happening back home which now I am starting to feel like I am missing out. Returning back home to see them will be amazing. They all support me and my decisions but I know they would be happy to see me back and have the family altogether again.

Travel fatigue is a real thing. You get tired when you keep moving all the time, and I am tired. If I stop for too long now I find it so difficult to get going again and always feel sluggish for a while. Things are starting to mush together now. Beautiful scenery, perfect sunsets and amazing dirt trails are all becoming the norm. It's not that it doesn't feel special anymore it just doesn't slap me in the face like it use to. 

I feel I need to get home and absorb everything that's happened. So far it's been twenty seven countries over four continents. I have ridden my bike nearly 47000km, and most of the time I have been solo which in itself is tiresome. The need for sitting in a proper English pub with a good mate back home is getting greater by the day. So I need to act now.


Currently I am just outside the city of Santiago in Chile. I am waiting for a weather window to cross the Andes mountains. It is winter time here and this is the furthest south I am going. It's just not the best time to be here. I will travel to Buenos Aires in Argentina which is located on the Atlantic coast almost level with where I am now, 1500km away. My flight is booked to Barcelona in Spain for the 10th of August. The bike is coming with me and will be placed on to another plane and also fly to Spain where I shall meet it to carry on my journey. I don't know how long I will spend in Europe. It will be summer and a nice place to finish the trip, with an added warm fuzzy feeling knowing that England is not too far away and my mission will be complete.

Already my excitement is growing, looking over maps and routes to ride in the Pyrenees and the Alps. Change is needed and this will be great. I feel things have got a little stale lately. Whenever feelings like this creep in you need to make a change and get the kick again. Heading to Europe will be my kick.

As you can see the trip is not finished yet. I still have a good ride back but my bike is now pointed in the direction of home which is a strange feeling but also an exciting one. I will still be posting from the field and keeping you updated of what's going on. Already I have some big plans for when I get back home. I just need some more cash to get these things off the ground.

Thank you for following this trip so far and supporting me. This is not the end for sure. I am very lucky that I got the chance to extend my trip as much as I have and it has just fueled my appetite for more trips in the future. Stay tuned.

Aaron and Penny.


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Have a great day.