This Can Be My Reality

Fourteen months I have been on the road. I originally planned for a year maximum due to financial constraints. Somehow I have managed to make the trip last longer and I still have a long way to go yet.

I speak a lot to family and friends back home and so many times I hear of the struggles I will face of returning back to reality. When I left England all those months ago I set off to make a change in my life style. Something wasn't flowing right so I changed that. My life and my actions are my reality. Nobody knows of my future.

When I return I will have a clean slate. I can do whatever I choose. These boring, mundane jobs and lifestyles that people tell me about are something that I feel are coming from their own fears. Too many people hate their jobs and lifestyles and will never make a decision to change. I also understand that some people are limited to their decisions and feel they have no choice. If you do have a choice to better yourself and don't then that comes down to a lack of personal motivation. We should all be trying to move forward and better ourselves.

So what happens when I return home? Will I go back to my previous job? I mean it was easy and the salary afforded me to climb and pay for a lot of this trip. But I won't. It was one of the contributing factors for going on this trip. It was too easy and not rewarding. I joined the army when I was eighteen and spent my military career being pushed. Competition and bettering myself was one of the big things I enjoyed. I didn't want to be the slowest person in my team. Returning to something that's easy and uninspiring is something I don't want in my life.

Perhaps you're reading this and thinking I should be grateful for having a job and money, you're right and I was. The point I am trying to get across is that you don't have to settle for just that. You can be more and do more. I truly believe that you shouldn't go with the easy route. The easy route didn't get people to the top of the highest mountains or sail across uncharted oceans. 

To finish this post off all I will say is that you create your own reality and you should be striving to make it fun, enjoyable and worthwhile. There is nothing wrong with trying to be the best you can be. 


Thank you for all your replies and comments across all my social media accounts. I read them all and try my best to reply to every message I receive. A big shout out goes to everyone who has recently donated to the 'Beer Fund'. This helps so much to keeping us the road and I can't thank you enough for your generosity.