'Normal' Life Back Home

So today is exactly one month since my arrival back to England. The day I was told I would have to welcome back 'normal' life. The day my motorbike trip around the world came to an end. 

How has it been so far? Do I miss the open road? What's next? These are a few of the many questions that have been asked since being back home, and to be honest answering them properly usually results in giving a generic shit answer to hopefully keep that person happy. "Yeah it's good" as I say with a smile on my face.

Currently I am in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil and am sat here with a coffee writing this blog to you. Didn't even last a month before my bags were packed and I headed off. Without going into too much detail, yet, I received an invite from someone I met during my travels. It was a great decision to come out here. I am being hosted by a wonderful family and things are good, peaceful and relaxed. And almost normal to a degree as I have not had enough time yet back home to fully adjust and settle down there.

The main reason for coming here was to visit the person in question, but another part of me was reminded that the need for travel is still very prevalent and that this was a great excuse to get moving again. So I looked around in my storage boxes for anything that wasn't sold before. An old laptop was found and turned into a return flight ticket for a few weeks away. 

Since being back I have caught up with those closest to me, spent some time in the hills of Wales, found a couple of cash jobs to keep me ticking over and got back into my physical training. Saying it has been shit since returning home would be a lie. My family mean a lot to me and I have enjoyed seeing them again, but at the same time I am very conscious of the fact that I am still trying to settle in and take things slowly. Those closest to me understand and have been a great help, plus talking to those across social media that have been through similar experiences.

Unless a huge decision is made in the future to relocate then England will always be my base of operations. The plan now is to work out how to keep this lifestyle going financially. I know I don't need much money to be happy but I do need some and the problem is my future plans are not that cheap. I am not adverse to working but there is a huge part of me that is actively trying to avoid the 9-5 style jobs that come with a contract and me being told how many days of my life I can go and have fun. So the plan is to create and build my own future doing something that I love. That's the dream right?  

Before departing on my motorbike trip a few people told me that it couldn't be done, and that perhaps buying a house instead would be wiser, or invest the money into something else. Well I did do it, and a house by myself would be boring, and I did invest the money, I invested it in myself. I feel so much happier and even more confident in my own abilities. Now when I think about setting up a new lifestyle in the hopes of living my life to my rules and schedule, I will approach it with a more positive attitude. It can be done, it has been done and people all over the world have achieved it. It's just another challenge for me. We should all be trying to create and innovate. The easy route is the boring route and nothing truly amazing will come of it.  

So in a few weeks I will return back to England, carry on living with family while I get myself sorted and start getting plans into motion. There are some big ideas for the future that I am trying to get off the ground and start sharing with you. In the mean time I will carry on enjoying my time here in Brazil and get ready for the next part of my life. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please leave any comments below and I will reply as soon as possible.




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