Riding the West Coast to San Francisco

It has been a while since I last updated you all on my travels on the road. To be honest with you I find it difficult to write blog posts on the road due to no laptop and using coffee shops for a possible free WiFi connection. So this post will cover my journey down the West Coast from Vancouver to San Fransisco which was my next big stop.

The last time I spoke to you I was in Canada waiting for my bike to ship in to Vancouver. I was very well looked after by various people and was absolutely blown away by the hospitality that I received. As soon as the bike was released I spared no time and the following day I was on the road and heading south towards the border. Anyone who is reading this that helped me with my stay while I waited I cannot thank you enough. You know who you are and I will always remember what you did for me. I hope I see you all again one day.

The original plan was to spend twelve days to get to San Fransisco but due to delays with the port in Vancouver I had six. The reason for running out of time is I have a friend flying out from England to make her way to San Fransisco to come and visit me. My first visitor and I couldn't wait to see a familiar face. More on that in my next blog post.

I couldn't believe day one. Leaving for the US border. I have had great weather for weeks and it decides to rain on me. And to top it off the traffic through Seattle was a nightmare. But I had no other choice to get to the coast. I was told so much about the West Coast and that was plan. Six days of beautiful scenery and twisty roads. It's been five weeks without Penny and this was exciting to be moving again.

The border crossing was fine. I think I actually taught them a thing or two. Like not needing a carnet and what my documents really meant. Anyway, they asked the usual questions. They just want to make sure you're not here to stay illegally. So once through I was on the road through the State of Washington to get to the coast. Like I said previously, the weather took a turn and the traffic was horrendous. I did stop at a coffee shop to warm up and use the WIFI. Two coppers came in and invited me to their table as they were so interested in my trip. When they found out about my slow progress they called ahead to a campsite and asked them to stay awake and wait for this crazy English guy who is riding his motorbike through the storm. What a great thing to do and was a massive help.

I got to the campsite soaking wet and cold and the woman was there waiting for me. I got my clothes in a dryer and put my tent up. My neighbours I think felt sorry for me and gave me some left over pizza and chatted to me for a bit which was lovely. Things will work out in the end. The sunshine will follow the storm.

The next day and it was great weather. In fact I had brilliant sunshine all the way to San Fransisco. I was told so much abut the Oregan coastline and how beautiful it was. It did not disapoint. Apart from the first days riding with the shite weather and traffic trying to get through Seattle to get me to the coast, the riding was brilliant. I spent all five nights camping along the coast. I met some great people and was invited to other campsites for food and drink and to share stories. What a lovely welcome to America. One American in particular handed me a $100 note to put on my charity page when she found out that I was trying to raise money for injured service men and women. What an amazing thing to do to a complete stranger.

One of the highlights for me apart from miles and miles of beautiful coastline was seeing the Redwoods. These are those big trees that grow really tall. It's impressive and was nice to stop and see them up close, and have a cheeky hug. Someone told me to properly hug a tree on this trip and try and feel the energy. I know it sounds a bit hippy but I did it and it does feel good. The trees are amazing.

On the third nights camp I was on the coast of Northern California. I camped up for the night right on top of the cliffs. That night was a night to remember. I have never seen the stars that clear before. You could see the Milky Way in all its glory. Just like those pictures in the magazines. It was amazing!! Truly amazing! I laid on my back for ages looking up and taking it in. It was a special moment because it was just so beautiful and thought provoking.

While riding I hit a certain part of the coast and had one of those overwhelming moments again. It has happened a couple of times and I know exactly where they have been. It's strange. I'm sure some of you can relate. When you see and feel something that simply blows your mind and you can't control your emotions anymore. It actually brings tears to your eyes. And I mean proper happy tears. It's such an amazing feeling to experience these moments and I am not ashamed to share it. I hope that everyone could have these moments in their life because it feels good to be alive.

After six amazing days riding taking in the views and meeting some amazing people I rode over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Frasisco. I made it. I stayed with an old army friend of mine just outside of town. He married an American girl and decided to stay and live here. I had not seen him for years and knew it was going to be great to meet again and share stories of old and have a good catch up. The plan was for them to look after my bike too while my friend came over and we left for a two week road trip. I would have to part ways with Penny and trade her in for four wheels. But all that is to follow in my next post. And it's a good one. Amazing trip so please come back again.

I thank you all for reading this post. I know I have not been too good on keeping you up to date recently but I do find it difficult while on the road. So when I can write I will and share it with you. Please do click the social media links below and join me on my journey as it unfolds. I really do enjoy reading all the positive comments and advice that are posted to me.

Until next time. Live your life. You're the captain of that ship. Get sailing!

Aaron and Penny.