Happy New Year Everyone

Firstly I would like to say Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you had a great Christmas. A New Year is now here which means new plans to do exciting things. Or in my case, get on with my next trip.

It has been a year now since I officially told everyone about my plans to ride around the world on  a motorbike solo. I now have less than three months until I set off. And I can't wait! I was worried at the beginning as to how I would feel a year later after announcing the plan. Well... It feels so exciting. My brain is a little all over the place at times because my life is taking a huge change but deep down inside I thrive on a little stress and challenge, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this right? 

As for this blog, I've been quiet with my writings. So I do apologise for that. A lot has been happening that has caused the distractions. Mostly the boring stuff to sort out to get me to the start line. Someone once told me that the hardest part is getting to the start line. I'm starting to believe that. I am travelling through a lot of countries and they all have their own requirements. Some are fairly straight forward and some are not. The Russian visa requires a bit more work as I need a multi entry business visa for what I am planning on doing there, but I am getting there so will let you know soon enough how that turns out. The bike itself is really coming along nicely now. Lots of people have been helping which is great and I appreciate it all. Still have some more modifications to come yet. My Instagram account is the best place to keep updated on all that.

The main distraction has been a move. I have moved out now of my previous place which I was renting. Some friends I know have offered to put me up in their spare room to help me out towards my trip, and I can't thank them enough for it.  This has been a great excuse too for selling and donating all my unwanted belongings. I don't need them anymore so I figured someone else can use them now. 

So whats next?.. Visas need to be sorted, medical and dental checks, vaccinations need to start and the bike needs a few more things added to it. Apart from that it's just a case of waiting, selling more stuff to help towards the trip, planning more of the route in detail and cary on training for the physical challenge of riding a motorcycle for days on end through arduous terrain.

I will write again soon with more updates as the trip gets closer. As always my social media is the place to visit for up to date news but please fell free to check out my other blogs. Thanks for reading and following. It means a lot to hear from you and I will always reply to any questions you may have. Also, any advice you have please send it my way.

Live your life, don't just exist.