Packing List for a Kayaking Trip

Back in March this year I undertook a small challenge to paddle as much of the River Medway in three days. Starting at the source and heading out to sea. If you click here you can read all about my 'Kayak The Medway' adventure.  

Following up from this expedition I have been asked about the kit and equipment I took and what to pack for a trip like this. Below is a list of what I took.  

  • Pyranha Fusion Kayak
  • Pyranha Spray Deck
  • Paddle
  • Army Issued Sleeping Bag
  • Army Issued Bivvy Bag
  • Spare T-Shirt and Trousers (Kept dry for sleeping in)
  • JetBoil
  • Head Torch
  • A Tarp (Basha)
  • Some Para Cord
  • GoPro
  • Mobile Phone
  • Power Monkey Battery Charger
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Warm Top (For the evening)
  • Wolly Hat
  • Gloves
  • Map and Compass
  • Food (Lots of Porridge and snack bars!)
  • Water (About four litres a day) 
  • Ortlieb Bag (To keep everything waterproof) 
  • TEA BAGS!!! 

My kayak is a great kayak and has a sealed compartment on the back. Was very handy for carrying most of my things. If you don't have this option you will have to use dry bags secured to the top. Different times of year will make this change slightly. More water in hotter months, more warm clothing for the winter, etc. 

Have fun! 

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