My First Climbing Trip to Fontainebleau

After many years wanting to go climbing at Font, I've finally been there. And it is amazing!

Fontainebleau is located about 45 mins south of Paris. It's easy to get too from Calais and is a must go to place for any rock climber. The type of climbing is all bouldering and is regarded as the 'Mecca' for bouldering. The sandstone boulders are in abundance and offer some real unique boulder problems. 

I left on the Wednesday night after work. I decided to get a ferry crossing through the early hours of the morning. The roads would be quieter and more importantly it's so much cheaper. Not a good time of year as everyone is on their holidays which puts the price of travel up. I spent a few hours getting some sleep in a truck stop on the way down, which is all good as I have a small van.

I arrived at the campsite on the Thursday evening where I then met two of my friends who I shall be climbing with. Two others would be joining us the following day.

Friday could not have come quicker. We woke to have some breakfast then grabbed our stuff to head off to go climbing. I'm probably a little bit too excited at this point. I have heard so much hype about this place and I really don't want it to let me down. We grabbed our guidebook and decided on a place to go explore.

I could not believe it. There were boulders everywhere!! Seriously. There is so much to climb it's unreal. We had a great first day. We were going from problem to problem and just having such a good time being in Font climbing. Life is good! We met the other two later in the afternoon and decided to go back out for some more climbing. This really destroyed my fingertips but it was so worth it.

Day two and the same again. Breakfast then straight out on the boulders. Today was a lot cooler than day one which was good. I am not too great in the heat. We all had a great day together. Bouldering is such a great sport to do socially. While one is climbing everyone else is chatting, watching and helping. It's great fun to work these problems out together.

I strongly recommend going to Font. It's an incredible place to climb. If you do go or have been I would love to hear from you.

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