3 Peaks Challenge

It's twice now that I have completed this challenge. If you like your hill walking and fancy something a little different I would definitely recommend doing this with some friends. You have to be fit but not super human and it really does involve a fair bit of planning, which is great to do as a group and really does get you excited about doing the challenge.

The 3 Peaks Challenge is a 24 hour event. You need to summit the three highest peaks in Britain. Ben Nevis (1344m) in Scotland, Scafell Pike (978m) in England and finally Mt Snowdon (1085m) in Wales. It can be completed at any time of the year and the route taken is all down to your own planning. That's what makes this a great challenge to do.

You could even mix it up a little if you like. Add more mountains, carry a certain weight, cycle instead of the drive or do it fancy dress! It really is up to you. 

The first time I completed it was in my early army days. Each company put forward a 10 man team to compete against each other. We had a list of certain things we had to carry to make the kit more heavy. We would be penalised if we failed to carry this kit and we had regular equipment checks to make sure we had it. I happened to be on the winning team which was a great sense of achievement and my trophy still sits proudly at home on display.

The second time I took part in this event was a few years ago as part of the Blanchard Challenge that we have set up. Please do click the link to find out more about this. It's great what we do every year in the memory of a fallen soldier and friend. The challenge was completed in the allotted time and we raised a great amount of money for charity.

I suggest you give this a go at some point and really have some fun with it.

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