The Blanchard Challenge

In 2010 a good friend and member of my squadron was unfortunately killed in action whilst we were serving in Afghanistan together. We later set up The Blanchard Challenge in memory of William Blanchard.

The idea is every year we meet up together and do something physically challenging and fun to remember the spirit of our friend and in the process raise some much needed money for charity. So far we have raised over £10,000 in donations for various charities which has been great.

I love the feeling of team work that these challenges bring and think it's superb that we can remember a fallen soldier in this way. He will always be missed.

Events we achieved so far:

  • Lake Windermere Challenge - For this challenge, we decided to break down into two groups and have a race against ourselves. The idea was to kayak the full length of Lake Windermere in the Lake District while the other group cycled two laps of the lake. We then swapped over and combined the times to see which team won. This was a great challenge, a lot of fun and something a bit unique to do.
  • Hadrians Walk - The group decided to walk the length of Hadrians Wall. It is 73 miles long and runs from the west coast all the way to the east coast across undulating terrain.  
  • Blanchard Grand Prix - The idea for the Blanchard Grand Prix was to cycle to every race track and Go Kart track in Kent and include a lap of that circuit on the bikes. Again, a very unique challenge and another success.
  • 6 Peaks Challenge - Unfortunately this challenge was not completed. It was still a success in the amount of charity money we raised but as for the challenge itself we could not complete it. The plan was to make an adaptation on the 3 Peaks challenge and climb another 3 mountains within 36 hours. Still using the 3 highest peaks we then included the next highest mountain to the main one. So we therefore would be climbing two in Scotland, England and Wales. We started off very well but unfortunately a really bad weather front was closing in as we reached the two mountains in England and had to make the decision to cancel the event. 
  • 39 Mile Stretcher Carry - This event took place at Bewl Water in the South East of England. We carried a stretcher as a small team for 39 miles. This was three laps of the route that takes you around the lake at Bewl Water. The stretcher itself was loaded up with 50kg of weight too. Was an absulute success and the charity of choice for this event was 'Walking With the Wounded'. To read about this click here.