Round Up: February 2015

That's it, it's final. I have told the world about my big plan for next year which means I've got to do it now. I am going to ride a motorcycle around the planet through 5 countries. Why would I do this? Why not!! It's going to be exciting and emotionally and physically demanding. Long hours on the bike, language barriers, cultural differences, you name it this trip is going to have it. And I can't wait! I knew I had to tell people to make it more real. So now the planing starts. I've set up a separate page (click here) for the trip and all the relevant blogs are attached to that. Follow my progress as I try to learn how to get my arse and my bike around the planet. It's going to be fun! 

Apart from that not much has happened. It's been a relatively quiet month on the adventure side of things. Just working and lots of research for the bike trip in my spare time. More time has been spent training in the climbing gym getting ready for the summer. 

I've taken up running again. Never really been a big fan of running. The army ordered me to run so that's why I did it but now I find it difficult to get motivated for a run. It's started well and I get a good few runs in a week after work. Hopefully I can keep this up and maybe, just maybe, I might start to enjoy it one day.  

Well, you guys and girls take care, have fun and be safe. Any questions for me please send them over. How was your month?