Review: Jetboil cooking system

I've been using the Jetboil cooker for just over 2 years now. I've packed it in my kit for most of my adventures and used it a lot. Wether it has been used to cook food or simply make a brew to keep me warm, it's always found a way of being on my packing list. So why do I like it?

All packs inside itself.

Ignition system with push button start.

The model I went for is the Flash Cooking System in the carbon colour. In my view it was the best size. Not too big where it takes up a lot of room in a day pack but big enough to cook up a decent amount of food and make a brew. I like the boil in the bag foods and this cooker is perfect for it. Plus, with this model, the whole cooker itself packs up inside the main housing, including the gas canister, keeping everything neat and tidy. It has a colour change indicator on the side which changes to an orange colour when the temperature of the contents increase. This is a really cool feature. A push button ignition makes things easier but I would also take a lighter or matches just in case it breaks. I've never had a fault with mine but I know people who have broken the ignition system and need to use a lighter like you would a normal cooker.


  • Boils 0.5l of water in 2 min 30 secs
  • Weighs 400 grams without stabiliser and pot support
  • 1 litre cooking pot
  • Push button start
  • Bottom cover doubles as a small bowl or cup
  • Compatible with all Jetboil accessories
  • Colour change indicator
  • Will hold a 100g fuel canister inside the main body
  • Includes a fuel can stabiliser 

OVERALL: I like it, a lot. It's easy to use and packs up small and neatly. It's very good to just throw in the bottom of your pack in case you need it. If I was going out for an extended period of time I would probably opt for something else. Something that burns different fuels as it can be difficult to replenish gas canisters in some places of the world. But, for a weekend out in your local woods or a few days climbing in the mountains, this will do just fine. The accessories available for this product are quite substantial. You can get pans and pots to fit it to make bigger meals or fry your bacon in the morning. There is even a coffee strainer to buy if you can't do without a decent cuppa in the morning. The price I feel reflects the quality of this cooker. Water can be boiled fast and it is very user friendly.  Worth a look if you're after a new cooker. Check the video below for a really good review of the Jetboil cooker by Review Outdoor Gear.