Round Up: March 2015

What a great month this has been. First off, I got my motorcycle for the big trip! Now if you don't know what I'm on about then click here for an update of my big plan next year. I'm riding through 5 continents on a continuous journey around the planet. Solo and unsupported. I cannot wait. A year to push now before my planned departure date. The planning has been going well behind the scenes. I've been getting in touch with people around the world and getting advice and generally networking with the right people. I'm a big believer in 'It's not what you know but who you know'

Also, this month I took part in my first personal challenge of the year, Kayak The Medway. This was great fun. I tried to Kayak the River Medway from source to sea. This is my local river and I wanted to do it in three days, solo. I took all my supplies with me and wild camped along the river. I had to make a decision at the end to cut the trip short. I was about three miles from the end but it wasn't feasible to carry on. Personally I feel I achieved what I set out to do and was rewarded with great satisfaction of accomplishment. I have a few of these types of challenges throughout the year that I will keep you posted on. 

After my kayaking trip I took a day off and rested up to sort out my kit and clean everything. Next up I headed off to North Wales for a few days training in the mountains. This is where I'm doing my next challenge. I love being in the mountains. Wether it be climbing them or snowboarding down them. I love the feeling of being surrounded by peaks and the satisfaction of climbing to the top of one. I had a great three days and got a good heads up of my next challenge that I shall announce soon. So watch this space.

Another 'My Front Door to...' adventure was completed too. For those that don't know, I have decided to try and document adventures that can be done from your front door. Eliminating the need to drive somewhere. This is great fun as it requires a lot of planning and can be fun if you're doing something with friends. Give it a try, if you do please tell me all about it. I would love to write up about your adventure. If you want an idea from my latest please click here.

Well that's pretty much me for the month. I got some time in on the mountains, kayaked a river and spent lots of nights out sleeping in the woods, along said river or in the back of my van. The weather is getting more favourable for most people so theres no excuse now for planning your own adventures. Tell me all about them please and have fun.