When Nature Calls

This is a bit of a funny subject to talk about. It's something we all do everyday without really putting that much thought into it. Mainly because we have the convenience of a loo in our own home, at work, at the pub and even on the train. But what if you don't have that convenience, what do you do?

I like my adventures. I spend days out at crags climbing, or sat in a kayak or perhaps I'm just out for a walk somewhere nice. Just because you're doing your hobby doesn't mean your body stops functioning in that way. Sooner or later you will need to take care of business. Lots of people ask me 'what do you do if you need the toilet?'

Going for a pee is relatively straight forward. Find a bush or somewhere else that's private and go ahead. If you do get seen it shouldn't be a problem as long as you have taken precautions and tried to be as discreet as possible.

So... The No2. Now how do you deal with that. First off, have a good clear out before you leave the house. I'm sorry for writing like that but we are talking about the subject of defecation. Still though at some point if you're out long enough nature will call again. So this is what you do. 

  • Find somewhere secluded. (50m from your camp and 100m from a water source)
  • Dig a hole. (No more than 15cm deep so the bacteria can still break down the waste) We do not surface lay. Better for the environment.  
  • Do your business. 
  • Place your used tissues or wet wipes into a sealable bag if you can and dispose of them properly at a later date. 
  • Cover the hole back up ensuring complete coverage of your waste.  
  • Wash your hands with an anti bacterial lotion. 

Using a tree for support.

Or this way works too.

A position we are more accustomed too.

Essential on the packing list.

It's a relatively simple process. The problem being, is it's not a normal thing to do outside and takes some getting use to. Takes you out of your comfort zone. But it's got to be better than holding it in and having an uncomfortable walk. Please leave any comments below. Perhaps you have a better position to use?