Lunch Al Fresco

Today I went for a walk to go have lunch. Nothing special right, people do that all the time. However, I went and cooked up a little snack over a fire deep in the woods. And what fun it was. I met up with a good friend of mine, Zac. Both of us have an interest for the outdoors and we decided to head out together for todays adventure. It was really good walking with Zac, he is a tree surgeon so was cool having him slowly teach me about various trees, like which ones are best to burn. So off we went, bag packed with a few essentials. Water, a bit of food for later and some extra clothing in case the weather changed. Oh, and the camera of course.

Trying to make a path.

Not a great pathfinder today.

It was a great day for walking. I love the woods and walking around them. Especially when it's familiar woods and you walk through at different seasons and really get to see the changes in them. We walked for a good couple of hours off the tracks and making our own. Lots of cool stuff was found and plants coming to life as the season changes. Hunger was starting to set in now so we found a nice little spot to have lunch right next to a fallen tree. At this point it would have been so much easier to get a packed lunch out. Some sandwiches and a packet of crisps perhaps, but no we brought a pack of sausages, a crusty baguette and some fire lighting kit. The flint and strike was now deployed into full action. Like a well oiled team, we gathered our wood and sorted it into various piles of size. Preparation with making a fire really is key. Make sure you have everything there before you start to light it. Why didn't we just use a lighter? I had two in my bag and no doubt Zac had one at least. But where is the fun in that. Making a fire really does bring something out in you from deep inside. Maybe over thousands of years doing it something has ingrained into out psyche. Either way, I love the feeling I get when making a fire and cooking food.

Using the flint stick.

And it's alive.

I know it's just sausages we were cooking and we were not exactly in a survival situation, but that was all that was needed to have a good day out doing something I enjoy. Sometimes it's nice to turn the phone off, meet up with a friend, grab a bit of food and disappear into the woods to find somewhere cool to eat it. The only downside to this is when you get back to the car and get home, make sure a shower is the first thing you do. Wow, did we smell! Please, if you do venture out and make a fire, make sure you are sensible. Don't go making a fire in someones back garden. People generally don't like it and get annoyed. Also, CLEAN UP!!! Leave the place as though you have not been there. That's how you found it and that's how you should return it. So, grab your outdoor stuff and get out there and have lunch somewhere over a fire. I dare you.

The sausages are on the go.

Leave it as you found it.