The Bike - Suzuki DRZ400s

I've got it! I have the bike. My new steed that will take me on my trip around the planet next year. Over the past two months I've been reading up and discussing with people in forums as to what bike I should take on a round the world trip. It was hard work. So many pros and cons for lots of bikes. To be fair, you could probably take any bike around the world but I really did want something that was a bit more suited. There is a guy, Ed March who has made a real name for himself travelling around on a Honda C90. He has seen loads. Perhaps more than most for the fact that he can't go that fast and it takes him longer to get anywhere. You should check out his site for his journeys as they're brilliant and he is quite a character. 

The bike I opted to go for was a Suzuki DRZ400s. It's a single cylinder engine. Not that powerful but will sit at 70mph. Economical and has an engine that's simple and easy to work on. Which is great as hopefully even I can learn to work on it. I've also been told the engine is 'bullet proof'. Let's see how that turns out. It is tried and tested for being around the world. It's also dirt orientated which is going to be great for places like Mongolia and Siberia. Means I can hopefully go where people don't.  

Only problem now is I've made a shopping list of stuff I want for it and need to make sure I don't go crazy and spend the money I saved by getting a second hand bike. Long range fuel tank and luggage racks are a must. Good thing I know a welder, I'm going to kindly ask for his help. I'm sure he won't mind.   

It's starting to feel more real now this trip. I've still got a year before I head off but that's good that I don't have to rush anything. In theory I should be fully prepared for the trip by the time I go. But what goes through my mind is, how can you be fully prepared for what you don't know is going to happen. Either way, exciting times lay ahead for sure. I will keep you up to date on the bike and the trip. Any advice then please leave your comments below.