My Front Door to a Wild Camp

It's Friday which means it's time for an adventure of some sort. I've only got the one night free so I'm thinking a night out wild camping with friends would be great. 

I finished work early and the weather was great so I decided to do another front door adventure. I'm going to walk to the camp spot and meet everyone there. It is a regular place to meet up for nights out or to practice our bushcraft skills. Quiet and secluded. It's going to take about two hours to get there at a steady pace. The nights are still cold so a good sleeping bag is needed and some warm clothing. The fire will help a lot to keep warm and I'm sure a bit of whiskey will be greatly welcomed. 

I decided to pack a little less for the night out. No utensils, just my knife. I wanted to use my skills of using what's around to cook my food. The tent was left behind too and I had my tarp instead. I love this sort of camping. Especially when the sun comes up. You can lay there in your sleeping bag and take everything in around you. Tents I find shut you off from what's around you. Spending the night out in a wild camp spot is an experience and sleeping under a tarp ensures you soak up as much of that experience as possible. 

Most of the kit I took.

My rabbit and vegetables for evening meal.

On the route in I decided to pick up some meat and a couple of vegetables. A whole rabbit was picked up just to add to the experience and I knew the guys would love it too. A couple of onions and peppers and that was me sorted for the evening. For breakfast, a bit of bacon and some sausages. All cooked over the fire. Lovely! 

The walk in was great. The sun was shining and it was a warm afternoon. A few paths that I had not explored before were used so that was cool too. We decided to camp at a spot that I had only been to once before which I had turned up to when it was dark. So trying to find this particular spot in the woods that looked the same as everywhere else was a bit of a challenge.

In the woods.

Trying to find the camp spot.

After much walking around and meeting up with a couple of the other guys at another spot we found our site for the evening. With about an hour or so left of light I set about putting up my tarp and sorting out my stuff for the evening. Next up, the fire! I love making a fire. Lately we have been using the flint stick to light it and had great success and it feels good to know you can do it without a lighter. Challenge for this year is to do it by friction alone. Proper Ray Mears style. The task for today's fire lighting was given to Sam. She wanted to give it a go and she did a fantastic job. Within a couple of minutes that fire was going. Great effort and that's another thing ticked off her list. 

My bed space for the night.

Sam getting the fire started. Well done.

About an hour or so later the rest of the guys turned up and set up their camp. That's it. We are all here and time to start eating and relaxing and enjoying the evening together. My rabbit went down a treat and tasted good with all the other food that the guys brought. We had cider, beer and whiskey to wash it all down. Stories were told and we had a good laugh together.  

Plenty of sausages and rabbit.

Getting into bed.

About 1am we headed off to bed. With a full belly and some drink inside me I got to sleep straight away. It was a cold night though so wasn't a particularly great nights sleep. As soon as the sun came up I was awake. I like getting up early. Before everyone else. It's nice re-lighting the fire and making a cup of tea in the peaceful morning. All the animals are starting to wake too and the sounds are great. The sausages and bacon went down a treat for breakfast.


We had two fires going for breakfast.

It got to about 10am and we decided to pack up camp and head home. They all headed to their cars and for me, I got back on the track and walked home. Two hours later and I was back home. What a great evening with friends. Cheap and cheerful. One of the guys even said he would much rather be doing this on a Friday night then heading out to a club. Maybe we're just getting too old now for that clubbing scene but I agree with him. Can't wait for the next night out with the guys. 

Some of the guys practicing fire lighting.

Success! A great night out.

If you have any stories of 'Wild Camping' then please share them below in the comments. Would love to hear from you.