The Big Plan

For the past couple of years I've always thought it would be fantastic to travel on a motorcycle. There is a tv series that came out in 2004 called 'Long Way Round' and later in 2007 'Long Way Down'. 'Long Way Round' was a trip from London to New York and Long Way Down being John O'Groats to Cape Town. These documentaries really brought the idea of motorcycle travel to the public eye. Partly because it was two actors under taking the journey that gave it the publicity. Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor. This was by far not the first time something like this had been down. There are a fair few motorcycle adventurers who have gone out on epic journeys. Most famous probably being Ted Simon who in the 70's travelled for 4 years on a Triumph Tiger motorcycle, a trip known as Jupiters Travels. Also, the trip known to many as Mondo Enduro headed up by a guy called Austin Vince. This trip was conducted in the 90's and they set off to travel the longest way round possible. This was watched by 70 million people on the Discovery Channel before anyone had heard of 'The Long Way Round'. They also made the first ever Adventure Motorcycle TV show that was widely viewed and was not just a cult. The book is also a fantastic and very detailed read. And don't forget, this was in an age of no internet or modern technology, and they certainly didn't have the support crew that Charley and Ewan had. Nonetheless, these boys still completed this ride of a lifetime. All these have been such an inspiration for many a trip, including my idea.
Personally, I think all of these trips have done good for the 'Adventure Motorcycle' genre. It really did get me thinking 'I could do that, so that's what I'm going to do. Go big or go home is the expression amongst my friends and if it doesn't work it normally leads onto another saying 'either a good time or a good story'. Either way, this idea is in my head now and I feel I should go and do it while I can. Am I going to be the first? No. Any world records being made? No. Will I have an amazing trip of lifetime and see and experience things that I shall remember for the rest of my life? HELL YES!!! 

I've not been riding a motorcycle for that long and I have not really gone that far on one. Last year I had my first real taste of it by going around Western Europe for 10 days and wild camping where I could. For this trip I'm potentially going to be away for up to 9 months maybe longer if plans change. Travelling through countries that I'm trying my best to research. It's all very exciting! So what have I got sorted so far. Honestly, nothing. I have come up with the idea and looked at the map a lot and read some books and blogs. There is a huge amount I have to do get this trip off the ground. This does mean having to buy another motorcycle specific for this trip. Never a bad day when motorcycle shopping. Insurance for the bike and myself. Need to read up on this as I don't know how it works yet but I'm sure it can't be that difficult, right? What kit and equipment should I take? As and when I find out these answers I will be sure to let you guys know how I'm getting on. 

The route I am planning on taking really is huge when you look at it on a map and start calculating the mileage. I have decided to break this trip into 'bite size' chunks which will hopefully make it more manageable for me. These chunks are continents. 3 in total which I still can't quite get to grips with yet on how huge that is. I shall be going through Europe heading towards Moscow which is going to be the first mile stone. From here after a little sightseeing I shall make my way through Russia and head into Kazakhstan back into Russia then Mongolia and make my way through Siberia to the Eastern edge of Russia. Next will be shipping to the West Coast of North America. From here I will then make my way across Canada all the way to East Coast where I will then ship my bike back to the UK.

I'm pretty sure that it's not going to be easy and I will no doubt get into problems. I've heard stories from other trips of days spent trying to cross borders and being arrested for spying. Ok the later is a bit extreme but it does make me think that I really am going to be visiting new worlds and cultures. If you have any comments or useful advice I am all ears. Please leave any comments below and check in for regular updates.

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To be worth making at all, a journey has to be made in the mind as much as in the world of objects and dimensions.
— Ted Simon