Snowboarding in the Alps

My first trip of the year and I headed out to the Alps in France. A place called Morzine to be precise for a week of fun in the snow. We decided to go all out this year and get somewhere nice for us. Also, this is the biggest trip we have organised, 16 of us in total, and unlike trips in the past we actually have girls coming along this time. Partners came along which was great. When I say we organised, I have to admit that I actually inputted nothing to this trip apart from turning up. Our good friend Barnaby set up the whole thing. Well done to that man. Not an easy job and he got rewarded from the rest of us. Snowboarding is definitely the sport that brings us all together. Nearly everyone in this group of friends snowboards which is great when it's the winter season.

Like always the flights are always early in the morning and you can never get to sleep the night before. Yes I'm 31 and still get excited about going away. Who doesn't? My question is, when you get to the airport, why is it compulsory to have a beer with breakfast in the lounge. Is it because it's a novelty? I certainly wouldn't drink at that time of morning back home. You will only need the toilet as soon as you get on the plane, but still we all do it. I'm hoping now that I'm not the only one and you guys do too. Everything ran smooth that morning and before we knew it, we have landed in Geneva airport. It took an hour and a bit to get to the chalet and this place was lovely. We booked it through a company called Treeline Chalets. The two chalet hosts Josh and Sam were great. Very nice couple and their job was to supply us with food and wine for the week. Fantastic job from both, could not fault them. They had booked up the winter season together to work while skiing in their spare time. Not a bad life and they were enjoying themselves a lot. It took about 6 hours to get from my bed at home to my new bed in the chalet. Can't complain at that. 

In Morzine itself the snow was not great, in fact, non existent, so really not great at all. We ventured to a place called Avoriaz, which is higher up the mountain and only a short trip on the bus or ride on the gondola. There was snow but not much. As the week went on the snow conditions massively improved. On the last day I probably had one of the best days snowboarding ever! Snow up to our waist in places and fantastic off piste riding. I did have a near miss on one of the days and still don't know how I have no injuries. A couple of us were riding off piste and had come to a stop. Inconveniently, someone had placed a cliff drop on our path. There was no way of snowboarding down it and we certainly wasn't going to ride uphill! So I decided to take my board and go first across the top of the cliff to safer ground. All of sudden the snow gave way and sucked me down through a chute and over the cliff. I fell and tumbled down the cliff but luckily landed on a nice soft bed of snow at the bottom, not a scratch on me. My board however decided to carry on. I couldn't believe it, when would it stop? Luckily I found it not too far down the mountain and managed to carry on. Snowboards are not cheap and it would have ruined my day having to walk all the way back to the chalet!

As there was 16 of us we didn't go out socialising that much. We had a whole chalet to ourselves with games and lots of free red wine and port. Why do we need to go out? Especially as one night we decided to go to a nightclub in town for a few drinks and dance. I could not believe the price of drinks. I ended up paying €50 for 3 drinks!! Sod that. Tap water from now on, I mean thats ridiculous. Probably a good thing, my dancing is very questionable and I certainly build up a sweat waving my arms all over the place so was good to keep hydrated.

Spending time in a resort is great. Especially the big ones. So much to do. One evening took us to the local ice hockey rink. We watched a fantastic game of hockey, Morzine against Chamonix. Was great having all the gang there. Cheering and joining in with the locals, such a great time and all for €15! Trips like these always make me happy. Spending a week with friends doing something you all enjoy. We all still talk about times from years ago. That's why I love it, it's the memories you create, these will remain with me forever. 

End Notes

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