Why a Blog?

I sit here now having spent the past few days trying to get this website set up and running and all the time I'm thinking, am I making more work for myself? Well the answer is yes, so why am I doing it? I'm certainly not making any money from it. Oh and by the way, I'm fully aware that this website is not finished yet. 

Like lots of others out there I have an enjoyable life. I travel and my life is full of adventures as and when I can squeeze them in around work and other commitments. I've got a lot of ideas and things I want to achieve. More commonly know as a bucket list. However, my list is not the normal run of the mill kind of list. There are definitely a few oddballs thrown in. This is where I'm hoping to keep you interested. 

I read a lot of other blogs on the internet and they are a wealth of information and knowledge just waiting for someone to tap into it and get inspired. That has been me for a while now so I feel like I want to input into the industry that has been such a great influence on me. I am no writer but then a lot of bloggers are not, and truthfully I don't need to be a professional writer. Would it bother you if I spoke to you like I would out on the street? I hope your answer is a no, because that makes my job a lot easier.

So what am I going to chat to you about? Well... everything really. My thoughts on journeys into the unknown, why people venture off, kit and equipment, up coming events and challenges. I'm going to speak to you about what I'm doing and thinking, and hopefully make it interesting for you. 'Hopefully' being the main word in that sentence.  

It's is a very niche market that I'm going to be chatting to you about but if I can inspire you to plan a trip somewhere fun or give you ideas for your own adventures then I have accomplished what I've set out to do. Please be kind and patient with me. This is new to me and I hope over time you will enjoy reading what I have to say and come back again.