What is Wild Camping?

I've mentioned a few times about wild camping in other blogs, perhaps you've heard of others speaking about wild camping. But what actually is it? Well I shall try to explain to you. 

Wild camping for me is like normal camping but you're not on an organised camp site. There are no toilet blocks, washing facilities or restaurants and bars on site. A wild camp maybe in the middle of a wooded area tucked out of the way. You can still use a tent to be classed as wild camping. I prefer to use a tarp. I enjoy the openness of a tarp and being able to view the surroundings when in your sleeping bag. You can even build your own shelter if you're feeling brave. 

Using a tarp can be just as comfortable as a tent.

Fantastic views in the hills.

Recently I undertook a personal challenge called Kayak The Medway, I spent two nights out along the river which I would class as wild camping. One of the nights was spent on a river lock. I made use of my surroundings to create a shelter and then moved on in the morning. This is a fun way of camping and makes it a lot more adventurous. Myself and my friends often go out into the local woods and wild camp for the night. It's great fun and easy. If you're sensible about your location you can pretty much wild camp anywhere. Just don't leave a mess when you move on. 

Would you love to wake up to this?

Or this?

In Britain, every bit of land is owned by someone which makes wild camping a bit of an issue. Unless you're in Scotland. Scotland have the right to roam. You can pitch a tent up almost anywhere as long as you're not causing problems and are out of the way. I wish England would be like this. If you're quiet and sensible about your location then you should be fine. Don't go burning down trees and take all of your rubbish with you. Also, return your site to how you found it. That means putting the fire out and spreading the ashes around too. 

So, if you take all the amenities and luxuries of a camp site away and set up probably somewhere you're not suppose to be, then chances are, you are 'Wild Camping'. Enjoy, have fun and take care. 

Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.  

(The pictures used in this blog are not my own and have been procured from a google search for your benefit)