Round Up: July 2015

July has been a busy month for me. First off I had a trip away climbing to the Peak District. If you click here you can read all about. It was a lot of fun. A weekend away with a friend of mine Trad Climbing. If you're not too sure what this is then click the link to read my blog that explains it all. It's been too long since I last did any Trad Climbing and I have missed it. So good to blow off the cobwebs. The location was fantastic, weather was great and the Steak and Ale at the end of the day was just superb.

A few years ago I dropped something on my big toe and fractured it. Since then I've had problems with the nail and how it's been growing. It was getting too painful recently so now it's eventually gone. NHS wanted me to wait 26 weeks to have it removed which I thought was ridiculous so I went private which I was not best pleased with. But that does mean that I am back in the climbing gym training again without having to take my shoes off every five minutes! A good friend of mine did suggest me having a few drinks and he gets to work on it with a pocket knife, pretty sure I made the right choice seeing a specialist!

This month too I have been networking with a couple of people that got in touch through the blog and social media. This is awesome because it means that people are reading this that are not just my family and close friends. Which is great but it does feel good that I'm possibly influencing others in other parts of the world. I'm very slowly getting there I guess. The first person is a girl who goes by the name of TaTi CoCo SUP. Tati is a paddle boarder, Spanish and living a great life in Ireland teaching paddle boarding. So full of energy and life. She has a few big plans coming up too. So I suggest you click the links here for her Facebook and Instagram feeds. Great stuff.

The other person who contacted me is another girl, this time from California called Ania Todua. She insisted to write a piece for my blog. So she has now become my first guest blogger. Didn't really know how to deal with it at first but I thought why not. Surely it wouldn't hurt. She is a great writer and speaks about the U.S. Route 61. A different route to the famous Route 66. It's a great read so go check it out here. Click the link for her Facebook page too.

The plans are getting there with this years Blanchard Challenge. It is in September so please watch this space. It's a great cause and means so much to me and my friends when we get the support we do.

Below is the links for some of my blogs this month. I hope you enjoy reading them. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on what I'm doing and ideas for an adventure. Take care all and get out there and explore the world. It's a fantastic place!