Round Up: May 2015

This month has been all about the rock climbing, and what a way to finish the month. The bank holiday weekend was incredible. Three of us headed down to Portland on the South Coast of England for a long weekend of sport climbing and it was great fun. I wrote a blog about this trip that you can catch up with here. It is definitely worth a read if you're a climber and are looking at some new places to climb. Lots of pics of the stunning scenery too. 

I've been reading a lot lately online into progressing my training for climbing. This summer I'm really trying to up my grades as I feel I've plateaued recently. Apparently this is a common thing. I'm learning what to do and hopefully I will see some more progression. More on this hopefully to come. 

As for the motorcycle trip happening next year, I've bought some new handlebars that should improve my riding position for more comfort and a lot stronger in case I fall. I also had my first puncture too this month. That was fun trying to get recovered but was good practice learning how to fix it. Again, I wrote a blog on this here for you guys to read up on how to fix yours in the future should this happen.

Summer is definitely on the way now and it's such a good feeling. I am a winter person at heart because I function better in the cold but, summer is great because it means the motorcycles come out more to play, climbing out doors is easier and the longer nights mean I can play after work too! 

I hope you guys are out having a great time and exploring your boundaries. Again, any great stories that you have and would like me to share then please get in contact with me.