Round Up: October 2015

Hello all. I hope you have all had a great October and it's been filled with lots of adventures. I'm really interested in listening to your stories so do please get in touch and let me know.  

This month has been a great month. I shall start right at the beginning of the month. I've finally got round to taking part in an obstacle course race. The race we decided on was the newly created Bear Grylls Ultimate Survivor Race. 18 miles of various obstacles and challenges. And it was awesome. Seven of us signed up as a team and it was great working with them to get round. Team spirit was high and we all felt a great sense of achievement crossing that finish line. You can read all about it here. Lots of pictures in the blog too. 

The highlight for this month has to be my trip to Ireland. About four months ago I was approached by another adventurer who lives and works out there to visit and plan a paddle board expedition. I've never been paddle boarding before but she works as an instructor so what could possibly go wrong. Well... She broke her foot just before I was due to fly out. I still went out but plans had to change. I spent most of my time in the mountains climbing and it was amazing. Never been to Ireland before and it was incredible to see the beautiful scenery. For the full story of my trip head over to this link and read it. Was a fantastic time and I would strongly recommend any climber to get over there and explore. 

The bike trip preparations are coming along. More modifications to the bike. My shopping list seems to be endless. With Christmas around the corner hopefully I can persuade people to help me. We shall see how that one works out. Can't believe I've only got four months until I plan to leave. Crazy times. 

If you enjoy reading what I do I would really appreciate you getting the word out. I won't deny that this is a bit of a selfish trip. A trip of a lifetime perhaps but I am hoping that any publicity that comes with it will highlight the charity that I will be supporting. The Royal British Legion. The work that this charity does for the forces is incredible and being ex military myself they get my full support. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. Please leave any comments below. I always reply. Enjoy your November and remember to check back for my updates.  


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